Inglés Español
to a degree algo
to a nicety perfectamente
to abuse abusar
to add aplicar
To address informally Fórmulas de tratamiento
to and fro de acá para allá
To annihilate Palanca
to announce intimar
to appear aparecer
to appease acallar
to apply usar de
to assume dejar
to attach aplicar
To back up a player Anublarse
To backup Hacer un backup
To bankroll Finanzas
To bath Baden
to be suyo
To be allowed to Bote
to be at suyo
To be authorized to Bote
to be badly beaten recibir una paliza
To be capable of Bote
to be continued continuará
to be deceived by caer en
To be descended Bajar
To be early Estar adelantado
To be extinguished Extinción
To be going Aller
To be in a dream Estar ida
To be in haste Tener prisa
to be included among estar incluido entre
To be justified to Bote
To be left holding the bag Pagar los platos rotos
To be lying Estar tendido
To be out of it Pinball
To be out of pocket Poner de su bolsillo
To be permitted to Bote
to be proof revelar
To be ravenous Tener un hambre canina
To be sad Tener pena
To be sick Vómito
To be sticky Acollararse
to be typecast as ser encasillado
To be worthy of Hacerse accredor
To beable Dominio
to bear profesar
To becloud Niebla
To become extinct Extinción
to boot además
To break on the wheel La rueda
to brighten esclarecer
to broadcast envie
To buss Beso
to cancel cancelar
To cashier Dar gracias a
To Catch a Thief To catch a thief
To catch hold of Gripe
to cause efectuar
To cause an upheaval in Desordonar
To cave Ceder
to claim opinar
to clone contrahacer
To come from Bajar
to conjure up evocar
to consider apurar