Inglés Español
to control impuestos
To copy something word for word Peso
to create criar
To curry combs Curry
to date hasta ahora
To date from Bajar
To daydream Ensueño
to death a muerte
To debug Quitar el defecto
to deploy usar de
to deter retener
to develop desenvolver
to deviate acomodamiento
to device desenvolver
To Die For Million Dollar Baby
To do conjuring tricks Magia
to do with tener algo que ver con
To drive the porcelain bus Vómito
to drone retumbar
To duck under Ceder
to each his own cada quién a su gusto
to embark embarcadar
to err is human errar es humano
To fit in with Acollararse
To fly through theair AIR
to foil frustrar
to force compeler
To frit Fusión
to generate criar
To get into the habit of Acostumbrarse à
To give a wash Lavadora
To go by plane Mosca victor
To gravel Kiesen
To Have and Have Not Tener y no tener
To His Coy Mistress A su esquiva amada
to hone refinar
To iconise Iconizar
To iconize Iconizar
To imbrue Baden
to increase acrecentar
to index indexar
To infiltrate Fuga
To join in the chorus Coro
To josle Dar un achuchón
To jot down Inscibir
To Kill a Mockingbird Matar un ruiseñor
To land on an island Abordar a una isla
to launch decolar
to left hacia la izquierda
To listen in to Eavesdropping
to look somebody squarely in the eyes mirar a alguien directamente en los ojos
To make a phone call Teléfono
To make a telephone call Teléfono
To make stupid Abestiarse
to match que hace juego
to me me
to measure off medir
To mull over Meditación
to no avail en vano
To occur to someone Acudir a la mente
to one side oblicuamente